Secure Shell Chrome App

Contributed SSH agent & OpenPGP smart card support
ICS to GCal Chrome Extension

Import .ics files into Google Calendar with just two clicks
jekyll-mathjax-csp Jekyll Plugin

Server-side, CSP-aware math rendering for Jekyll

Examples of CMake and Bazel configurations for a simple-yet-not-trivial C++ toy project
poc-smart-sign Chrome Extension

Proof of Concept for RSA signing using an OpenPGP-compatible smart card with the Smart Card Connector API
polysafe ES5/6

Embed any file into an encrypted, self-decrypting HTML file
smart-pass Chrome Extension

Fill in login forms using a PGP key on a smart card — even on Chrome OS
smart-ssh Chrome App

Use OpenPGP smart cards for SSH public key authentication with Secure Shell & Mosh